3 Companies That Took The Market On Friday


Friday was a busy day at the stock market as it dealt with gains and losses.

In major indices, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJINCIDES: ^DJI) was lower by 42 points, settling at 34,723. Moreover, the Nasdaq Composite (NASDAQINDEX: ^IXIC) dropped by 71 points, to settle at 14,981.

Furthermore, the S&P 500 (SNPINDEX: ^GSPC) gained 7 points to settle at 4,442. Overall, major indices showed positive activity despite volatile conditions, leading to market gains and losses.

Among companies, there were a few that outshined the stock market. One was Carnival, the other was Zivo Bioscience and the third was Twitter.


Carnival (NYSE: CCL)

Carnival (NYSE: CCL) stock impressed investors as it gained 4% in morning trade.

Though the market was down, people showed enthusiasm about travel and tourism as stock of the cruise ship operator increased in worth.

Investors are seeing Carnival (NYSE: CCL) as a viable company and stock option for 2022 as hopes for a covid-free world are bringing more light to businesses such as Carnival.

Carnival may not perform outstandingly in a few months but it will still do well especially if covid-19 is over.


ZIVO Bioscience Inc. (NASDAQ: ZIVO)

ZIVO Bioscience Inc. (NASDAQ: ZIVO) and its stock also increased in worth on Friday. ZIVO stock rose by 72.17% compared to the last day’s close. The reason for the increase in the price of the company’s stock was the strong demand of its products.

A research and development firm based out of U.S., ZIVO has been researching a lot about the development of food and food control options for many objectives. The company is in very positive notes.

Furthermore, for a progressive 2022, ZIVO should go ahead in forward motion and believe in its supremacy in the industry and keep going forward with its key research and development notes.

ZIVO stock rose during the week and is currently priced at $5.71.


Twitter (NYSE: TWTR)

Twitter stock also showed signs of positive enthusiasm on Friday, which made investors call it a worthy stock at the market close. The stock rose during mid-afternoon and evening, showing signs of high momentum and spirit.

The entire week for Twitter stock was better as its stock rose consistently. Furthermore, as Afghan peace talks continue and a lot goes on at the global forum, Twitter will be one of the most commonly used mediums for talk and continuation.

Twitter has also been able to move up the exchange and sort of maintain its 50-week moving average for some time now. It should eye that to ensure that it stays on line and momentum and doesn’t escape that minimum to maintain itself in higher grounds.

Preparing to come with new features such as a 280 character tweet and OnlyFans style Tips feature, Twitter stock may increase in the coming weeks, giving investors good reasons to buy it today.

Generally, Twitter is a very important and prominent name in the social media industry. It is always in good light and the overall use of the platform will be high in the time to come. Therefore, Twitter stock should be considered as one of the few good trades, buys and purchases at the exchange today.

Overall, Friday was a mixed day at the stock market. However, few companies rose and outshined. They have been stated above.

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