India Shows High Prospects Of Becoming A Leading Stock Market By 2025


New reports suggest that India, a leading economy in the world, is showing high prospects of becoming a leading stock market by 2025.

The news was revealed by Goldman Sachs, an American investment and financial service giant.

Considering the current trajectory of the Indian stock market, Goldman Sachs believes that the country may be above developed nations such as the U.K. by 2025.

If India does attain what hopeful investors are hoping it to achieve, it would be the 5th biggest stock market in the world by 2024 than 2025.

India is a fruitful economy with over 800 million internet users. Almost half a billion people in the country have a smartphone and with the overall structure of the economy, India is another feat altogether.

Furthermore, India also has a lot to showcase in terms of technology such as the fact that it has fostered many start ups. India has raised more than $10 billion through IPOs in 2021. It has been proactive in raising a lot of money in the last three years as well.

India’s own demand for smartphone technology, laptops and now AI is also worth noting. The company is fierce in its demand of products. It is also producing its own, which lets it compete with many big names on forthcoming grounds. India is also strong on its hardware and software technology, which is why it is protecting itself from all corners and growing.

There are many, many examples to see in India to see how far the country is growing.

For example, there is a food delivery platform in India called Zomato, which was the 1st to get listed publically. The food platform delivery was quite popular and raised $1.26 billion in its first IPO. Its shares are priced at $0.76 each and these startups are now equating with bigger names such as Flipkart, Ola and others.

India has many successful businesses at the exchange today. Furthermore, according a Goldman’s analyst, in the coming 2-3 years, India might witness an increase of about $400 billion in its market value.

Furthermore, Indian startups have also raised $10 billion in IPOs this year. This is essentially more money than the economy has raised in the last three years. India is dealing with its own specialties in food as well which also contributes significantly to its economy.

Essentially, the ideas to pick up here are a certain few.

First, India is a strong economic contender amongst other leading economies in the world. India has so much to export that it is a good idea to become a partner in exports with the country. Moreover, India has so many growing companies and many of them are listed at the exchange, which is giving the company a good name in the markets, more so as the ‘5th largest market in the world by 2024-2025’.

The Indian market is showing high prospects and with so much ahead, India is a name to remember in the world of investing.

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