The best apps to use in stock investment


The best stock trading apps will offer you the best ability to buy and sell shares of stock with zero commission. They assist you in researching investments, tracking portfolio, buying and selling stock. The best applications take into account investment research, account type, pricing fees, and investment platforms.

SoFi Active Investment

SoFi offers you an easier way to get started, a good platform for learning stock trade if you are new. SoFi is one of the best beginner-friendly apps for investing in stock marketing. It offers taxable accounts, retirement accounts, and limited investment choices. It provides a no-fee platform allowing investors to trade in fractional shares through a product called Stock bits. 

It also offers important basic information and recent price charts for supported investment. You will be able to browse through a group of stocks by category to get ideas on what and how to invest.

Thinkorswim trading platform

This is the best app for active traders, especially those looking forward to becoming experts in active trading. It features accounts with no recurring fees and no minimum balance. It is very flexible since you can log in with your computer or Smartphone. It offers a diverse range of accounts and investments such as features, forex, and cryptocurrency.


  • Advanced trade tools.
  • Profit and loss calculations
  • CNBC news stream
  • Live chat support system
  • Advanced charting.


It offers a wide range of accounts and investments that could meet the need of any investor. It is a perfect app for investors looking to buy and hold their stock for long-term goals like retirement, experienced investors, and passive investors.


  • Advanced trading tools
  • Offers retirement goals and long–term plans.
  • Encourages good saving and investing habits.

Ally investment

Ally is a straightforward investment app with some of the best checkings and saving accounts on the market today.


  • No minimum and recurring fees
  • Share the same log in account with Ally Bank
  • Easy to operate on the phone
  • Basic research and charting
  • Recent news
  • Quick ability to enter the trade
  • Few notifications
  • Easy to trade with low cost

Charles Schwab

This is a strong all-around app for investors. It has no account minimum and no recurring fees. The app is perfectly suited for beginners and experts with zero fees automated adviser Schwab Intelligent Portfolio.


  • It gives you a chance to control trade, get quotes, alert
  • Gets answers to questions about investment.
  • Traders can view market indices and news and research stock.
  • Easy to view your account, Position, and balance.

Interactive brokers

Interactive brokers are a very great choice for a slick trading platform. It offers multiple accounts, including those that work best for retail, professional, and institutional investors. It works best with experienced investors.


  • It offers a wide range of assets, including stock
  • Advanced trading tools for better functionality.
  • Advanced quotes and research containing 50 columns of data similar to the one on the desktop.


Wedull is currently a new investment platform that has made a splash in the active trading market. It is designed for active traders through passive investors who wish to trade only for a short time.


  • Commission-free stock
  • Open community where traders can interact with other traders and share trading strategies.
  • Very manageable.
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